The entirely natural protein bar. 20 g Protein. High in protein. No trans fat. 13 Vitamins and minerals. When work feels like a workout. I know that feeling. Throughout high school and well into my twenties, most jobs put my body through the wringer on a daily basis. Back then, I didn't care about natural ingredients or organic foods; I do now. And that's the principle behind our Builder's Bar. It's an entirely natural protein bar for those who put their own body through the wringer. The Builder's Bar contains 20 g of whole proteins. Without hydrogenated oils or trans fats, the Builder's Bar is a cut above many other protein options. And with its distinctive crispy, chewy texture, I hope you'll find them more delicious too. Enjoy! Low glycemic. We source ingredients which do not contain wheat, dairy, and are not genetically engineered. 32% Organic ingredients. Chocolate and protein don't get cooler than in this tasty, well-earned reward for a workout. 20g of high-quality protein to help build and repair muscle (see Nutrition Facts for saturated fat content) Carbohydrates to help you sustain your workout Non-GMO Ingredient Sources Low glycemic (low glycemic-index foods digest slowly for prolonged levels of energy)

CLIF BUILDER'S - Protein Bar - Chocolate Mint - (2.4 oz, 12 Count)

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    (as of January 23, 2017 5:06 PM)