Chester Cheetah is up to his mischievous ways again and wants you to bring back the trick in trick-or-treat by playing fun tricks and pranks with your family every day this Halloween season. Once upon a time, Chester Cheetah took a long, Flamin’ Hot look at the Halloween holiday and noticed that something just wasn’t right. He thought, “I do love me some sweet treats and Cheetos snacks, but where did the tricks in trick-or-treating go?” That’s when he decided to write Chester on the Dresser: 31 Days of Mischief. And that’s why he’s counting on parents to read this book, play some pranks, and help him save Halloween—AND THE WORLD! Well, mostly just save Halloween tricks. Stuffed animal materials - 60% polyester fibers, 40% terylene; stuffing is 100% polyester fibers. Surface washable only. Made in China. Great for all ages. The Chester on the Dresser kit includes a miniature Chester Cheetah stuffed animal, hardcover illustrated Chester On The Dresser: 31 Days of Halloween Mischief book with 31 good-natured pranks to be played each day in the month of October, and a whole lot of fun for you and your family Start a new family Halloween tradition with Chester on the Dresser Help Chester Cheetah bring the trick back to trick-or-treat with 31 family-friendly pranks Chester Cheetah stuffed animal is 18" tall Great for all ages

Cheetos Chester On The Dresser Halloween Book with Chester Cheetah Stuffed Animal

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